©2017 by caroline beach. All photos by Ian Whalen Photography. 

Upcoming dates


01. September-05. October AnnieQuinn-let your eyes adjust to the light

                               performance, concert, and screening series curated by AnnieQuinn and Hole of Fame Dresden 

                               more information at:  https://www.anniequinn.group/



01. September 'Peep Show' AnnieQuinn-let your eyes adjust to the light pt. 1 

                          Hole of Fame Dresden 20.00


05. September 'There were Torsos:  A Shopping Cart Retrospective' 

                          Hole of Fame Dresden 20.00

                          Performance by Caroline Beach, Joseph Hernandez, Casey Ouzounis, Zarina Stahnke, and Ian Whalen

06.September   'Kunst.Raum.Konzert. presents:  Amore Meow and AnnieQuinn

                          Geh8 Dresden 20.00


06. September  'Tag der öffener Tür' an AnnieQuinn Open Space

                          Hole of Fame Dresden

07.  September 'Launch Party' AnnieQuinn-let your eyes adjust to the light p. 2

                          Hole of Fame Dresden 20.00

12.  September 'Basic Bitches for Musikkantine'

                          Sophiensaele Berlin 20.00


14. September  'Corporate Discorporate'  AnnieQuinnn-let your eyes adjust to the light p. 3

                          Hole of Fame 20.00, further performances in undisclosed locations and Objekt Klein A


23.-26 October  'We're used to being darker' dancing/ performing for Go Plastic's Uraufführung 



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